PGA Championship Information

The 100th PGA Championship is being held at Bellerive Country Club from August 6–12, 2018. This will be the tenth major championship held at Bellerive. While the club is just outside Creve Coeur city limits, there will be an impact to local traffic. General spectator parking will be at the Fenton Logistics Park (formerly the Chrysler Plant). Shuttle buses will run from FLP to the event via Highway 141 to east on Ladue Road. It is anticipated that approximately 80 buses per hour will be traveling to and from the golf course. The event organizers are taking several steps to minimize the impact to residents.

The Creve Coeur Police Department will be utilizing Facebook, Twitter (@crevecoeurPD) and CodeRed social media pages to update residents and spectators of the latest information.  We encourage you to sign up for these services to stay informed.  


There will be no spectator parking within several miles of the golf course. Instead, spectators have the option of parking at the Fenton Logistics Park and riding a complimentary shuttle to be dropped off near the main gate or utilizing ride share services that will drop spectators off at Westminster Christian Academy to be bused to the golf course. In addition, spectators can be dropped off by a friend or family member at Westminster Christian Academy. However, there will be no spectator drop off area near the course.   


Certain road closures will be in effect from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. beginning on Monday and running through Sunday. Only vehicles with proper hang-tags, school buses, Metro buses, US Postal Service vehicles, and emergency vehicles will be allowed to travel within this area. Local service and delivery vehicles will be allowed. Residents living in restricted areas will be issued the desired number of hang tags to allow access. 

MoDOT will close Ladue Road to through traffic from the Wednesday Club (12589 Ladue Road) to Highway 141. There will be a soft closure on Ladue Road at Coeur De Ville.
  A traffic post will be set up to vet motorist credentials and also to deter anyone from dropping off, picking up or parking in the neighborhoods. This location will be staffed by Creve Coeur Police and other area law enforcement officers. 

St. Louis County Department of Highways and Traffic will close Mason Road from Conway Road to West Walling Drive.
  Mason and West Walling will be staffed by one Creve Coeur officer. 

Chasselle Lane and Laduemont Drive will be closed.
  Residents of Belle Coeur and Ladue Conway Estates will be contacted by the PGA before the event and issued hang-tags that will allow access. These posts will be staffed by Contemporary Services Corporation (CSC) personnel.

Subdivisions that do not have walking access to the course and cannot drive will be provided a shuttle to and from the golf course (Westland Estates & Bellerive Springs).
  Subdivisions having sidewalk access to the golf course will not be provided a shuttle. 

Point of Contact

For any questions or concerns regarding the PGA Championship, please contact:

Capt. Tim Koncki
P# 314-274-2106