Green Business Certification Program

The City of Creve Coeur is excited to announce a Green Business Certification program that recognizes Creve Coeur businesses and not-for-profits (NFP) that are making meaningful efforts to reduce their environmental impacts. The program has several goals:

  • To provide public awareness of the financial and environmental benefits of green business practices.
  • To publicly recognize Creve Coeur businesses and NFP that are making meaningful efforts to reduce their negative environmental impacts.
  • To encourage all Creve Coeur businesses and NFP to incorporate good environmental practices into their facilities and operations.
  • To assist businesses and NFP in finding programs and vendors that can help them incorporate green business practices.

These goals are intended to support the City’s long-term desire to be an environmental leader and a preferred place to live and work in the St. Louis region.

Green Business Certification Logo

Benefits of Good Environmental Practices

  • Good environmental practices can save organizations money on energy, water, waste collection, and maintenance. Companies, such as GM, Starbucks, and Walmart report large net cost savings from their environmental efforts. Small businesses benefit as well. The Cleveland Brew Shop made simple energy efficiency upgrades to its store, and the energy savings paid for the entire cost in only two MONTHS. Schools that have installed energy-efficient gymnasium lighting report payback periods of 1-2 years, with better lighting quality.

  • Green practices conserve valuable resources and protect the environment. Every kilowatt hour saved or pound of waste recycled (or better yet—eliminated), reduces greenhouse gas emissions, air and water pollutants, and damage to forests and the land from mineral extraction.

  • Using good environmental practices demonstrates to your employees, customers, and the community that you operate your business in an environmentally and socially-responsible manner. Research indicates that employees (especially younger employees) prefer to work for environmentally responsible organizations, and customers prefer to buy from them rather than organizations that seem to not have the environment as a priority.

Benefits of Green Business Certification

  • Community recognition that your business is operating in an environmentally and socially-responsible way.
  • Certified organizations will receive a sticker to put in their window to show customers and the public at large that they have been certified.
  • The names of certified organizations will be listed on the City’s website and announced in other public venues, such as newsletters.
  • Companies with outstanding sustainability programs will be featured in CC public forums.
  • The City will assist organizations interested in certification by directing them to free or low-cost resources, such as energy and waste audits and rebate programs.

How Can My Organization Become Certified?

Step 1. Apply online by submitting a Green Business Certification application.
As part of the application process, organizations must describe and provide evidence or documentation that they have incorporated in a meaningful way at least three “green” practices from the following list prepared by Creve Coeur’s Energy and Environment Committee (EEC):
  • Recycle wastes
  • Primarily use high-efficiency lighting (e.g., LED)
  • Use of high energy-efficiency HVAC system
  • Install or utilize renewable energy system (e.g., solar PV, geothermal)
  • Currently utilizing energy bench-marking (e.g., Portfolio Manager)
  • Utilize recyclable/reusable containers and/or packaging
  • Use water-efficient faucets, toilets, and other water fixtures
  • Other innovative sustainable practices (please provide examples)
Businesses who rent office or retail space may satisfy up to two of the green criteria based on the energy and waste management practices of the building as a whole, but the business itself must satisfy at least one of the criteria through its own direct action. 

Step 2. The EEC will evaluate and verify applications (possibly including a site visit) and make final determination of whether an organization should be certified.
  • Certification will be good for a three year period.
  • At the present time there is no charge to apply for certification.

Other Publicly-Available Assistance

Several organizations provide free or low-cost technical assistance, networking and best-practices sharing, rebates and grants (e.g., St. Louis County, Ameren, MO Botanical Gardens/St. Louis Green Business Challenge, Solid Waste Management District)

The EEC plans to work with interested sustainability vendors to make their products and services more convenient and affordable for Creve Coeur businesses. See suggestions on how to make your business greener.

Join Us!

Environmental sustainability is good for the Creve Coeur community and good for business! Submit your Green Business Certification application today!