Home Occupation Rules

Rules for Running A Business Out of Your Home

The City of Creve Coeur does not allow residents to conduct simple businesses (occupations) in their homes without special review as long as all of the following requirements are being met. Approved examples of these businesses are:
  • Architects, engineers, lawyers, realtors, insurance agents, brokers and members of similar professions
  • Artists and sculptors
  • Authors and composers
  • Babysitting no more than four children
  • Dressmakers, seamstresses and tailors
  • Data entry and similar computer work
  • Home crafts such as model making, rug weaving, lapidary work, cabinet making etc., provided that no machinery or equipment be used other than that which would customarily be found in the home shop, in connection with a hobby or a vocation not conducted for gain or profit
  • Music Teachers, provided that instructions shall be limited to one pupil at a time, except for occasional groups
  • Office facility of a minister, rabbi, priest or other similar person associated with a religious organization
  • Office facility of salesman, sales representative or manufacturer’s representative, only when no retail or wholesale sales are made or transacted on the premises for goods, products or materials, displayed, warehoused or stored on premises. Catalog sales for goods, products or materials not inventoried, warehoused or stored on the premises are permissible.
  • Similar uses which do not involve retail or wholesale sales transactions on the premises, employment of persons other than occupants of the dwelling, any greater assembly, processing or fabrication operations.
Rules for Running A Business Out of Your Home Continued