Attorney Information

Attorney Guidelines

Entry of Appearance / Discovery Request
  • Mail your entry of appearance and request for discovery (if applicable) to: City of Creve Coeur Municipal Court, Attention: Richard Bresnahan, City Prosecutor, 300 N. New Ballas Rd., Creve Coeur, MO 63141
  • Include a self-addressed stamped envelope for faster return service. You may make your request to the attention of Richard Bresnahan, City Prosecutor.
Entry / Recommendation Request

  • The Municipal Court now is accepting entries and recommendation requests via (formally the Muni Project).
    • The Municipal Prosecutor will review requests during the week of the scheduled court date. You will receive a new date for either appearance or payment on the recommendation response.
    • If you have filed a request before the scheduled court date, do not appear on the court date. No court file will be available for review at that time.
    • Due to the volume of calls the Municipal Court Office receives, if you wish to confirm receipt of your entry and request, do not call the Municipal Court Office. Instead, submit a “return receipt” copy of your entry which will be date stamped and returned to you.


  • Tickets resulting from an accident will require a letter from the defendant's insurance company stating that all personal injury and/or property damage claims have been settled or that the insurance company / defendant is accepting liability for the accident.
    • Please make sure that the date of the claim is a match to the date of the incident. Recommendation requests will be returned without this information.
  • Tickets issued which may require compliance include insurance proof (for the date of the original violation), expired plates or failure to register the vehicle, no or expired operator's license, driving while suspended / revoked or various equipment violations.
    • Before a recommendation will be made on compliance charges, proof of proper compliance must be submitted. For insurance proof, the date of the violation must be covered for the vehicle noted on the violation.
    • If the defendant cannot or will not comply, please submit an explanation in letter form.