Posted on: July 14, 2017

City Schedules Street Repair Projects for Fiscal Year 2018

Road Work Ahead

The city plans to invest approximately $1.65 million into improvements to its roadway and sidewalk infrastructure over the next year.

Two of these projects are underway. The first, the concrete pavement replacement project, is focusing on curbing and sidewalk repairs to streets in the asphalt resurfacing and microsurfacing programs before it moves on to finish repairs in Camfield Square, Libourne Court, and Castleton Court and to begin multi-year programs in the Runnymede and Ladue Lakes subdivisions. Sidewalk improvements are also planned for the entrance to the Carlyle subdivision as part of this project.

The second project that is underway is the asphalt pavement resurfacing project, which will finish resurfacing in the Westland Estates neighborhood before replacing the top layer of asphalt on streets including Winfield Pointe, Creekside Lane, and half of Research Boulevard.

The microsurfacing project is expected to begin in September. Through this project, a thin layer of asphaltic treatment will be applied to the pavement as a preservation measure. Several streets along Conway Road are included in this project, as are the Belle Coeur and Country Fair subdivisions, Alden Lane, and Chilton Lane.

Two of the city’s larger projects will begin next spring. The first will be the rehabilitation of the worn out pavement of half of the Ladue Estates subdivision, with a second project to finish the subdivision anticipated to begin next summer. The second project will be improvements to the sidewalk and pavement of Warson Road. The city received a federal grant for the Warson Road project that will reimburse about 60 percent of the city’s costs.

The Department of Public Works staff evaluates pavement conditions for all city-maintained streets using the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) grading scale. Staff generates the PCI by measuring the various surface problems exhibited by each street and entering them into a computer program. In addition to PCI, the city also hired Infrastructure Management Services (IMS) to use its vehicle-mounted equipment to measure the conditions of the city’s entire pavement network in 2016. The independent assessment verified the accuracy of the city’s PCI ratings and provided recommended pavement repairs.

Staff reviews the pavement network each spring and provides a recommendation to the City Council for the various roadway programs for the coming year. Once accepted, those recommendations become the basis for budget for the roadway and sidewalk improvement projects. Descriptions and maps of these programs can be found on the city’s website.

For more information, contact Matt Wohlberg, City Engineer, at (314) 442-2084 or mwohlberg@crevecoeurmo.gov.

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