Posted on: November 16, 2017

City Council Approves Updated Stormwater Regulations


On Monday, October 30, Creve Coeur City Council passed an ordinance revising the city’s stormwater regulations. The city’s Stormwater Committee and city staff proposed the revisions, which are intended to protect residents from the potential negative effects of stormwater runoff resulting from development on adjacent properties.

The city’s previous stormwater regulations applied only to projects that disturb one acre or more of land. They did not apply to most developments on single residential lots, however, such development is often large enough to generate additional stormwater runoff onto adjacent properties. This runoff can cause erosion, ponding, or even basement flooding for the affected neighbors.

The revisions seek to address these issues by requiring large-scale residential developments to be designed and constructed such that no new stormwater impacts affect neighboring properties.

Projects that are subject to the revisions include new homes, teardowns and rebuild homes, land disturbance permits, new swimming pools, and garage additions.

For more information, contact Matt Wohlberg, City Engineer, at mwohlberg@crevecoeurmo.gov or (314) 442-2084.

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