Posted on: December 14, 2017

City Honors Citizens of the Year 2017

Citizen of the Year 2017

The City of Creve Coeur recognized Rabbi Mark Shook and David McCoy as Citizens of the Year 2017 for their dedication and service to the community at the annual Holiday Appreciation Event on Tuesday, December 5 at the Creve Coeur Government Center. Mayor Barry Glantz, joined by Council President Dr. Bob Hoffman and Council Member Ellen Lawrence, presented the awards to Shook and McCoy at the event honoring all members of the city’s 14 boards, commissions and committees.

Shook, a citizen of Creve Coeur for more than 40 years, has served the Creve Coeur community in a variety of capacities. He has been a chaplain for the Creve Coeur Police Department since 1990 and has served on the Creve Coeur Police and Safety Committee since 2015. He has also served as Chaplain for a number of organizations in St. Louis including the St. Louis County Police Department, the Creve Coeur Fire District and the local Federal Bureau of Investigations. He has been the Senior Rabbi at Temple Israel for more than 30 years and serves as an adjunct professor of Jewish Philosophy and International Studies at Saint Louis University.

“Rabbi Shook is a shining example of a person who strives to do the right thing each and every day,” said Hoffman. “His compassion, vision, leadership, kindness and friendship will leave a long and lasting impact on the city, its residents, and the employees.”

McCoy has served on the city’s Parks and Historic Preservation Committee (PHP) since 2012 where he serves on the Heart to Heart Run committee and works with the planting group in Millennium Park. This past year, he brought the idea of the Dog Easter Egg hunt to the PHP and partnered with Three Dog Bakery to execute this event. In its inaugural year, the event brought over 150 dogs to Millennium Park. McCoy is the Chief IT Enterprise Architect at Boeing, where he has worked for more than 37 years.

“David embodies the energy, commitment, creativity, and follow-through that makes our residents so impactful,” said Lawrence. “He has the ability to see problems and solutions at the same time, then does the work to implement those solutions. He embodies all of the elements that help to make Creve Coeur such a vibrant place to live.”

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