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Traffic Safety & Patrol Units
traffic unit with dwi enforcement vehicle
The Creve Coeur Police Department Traffic Safety Unit is committed to making your community roadways safer. The main functions of the Traffic Safety Unit are education, enforcement, and engineering.  The unit supports Patrol Operations and is responsible for addressing traffic related problems, complaints and investigating serious injury or fatal traffic crashes. 

Best Principles of Highway Safety

The Traffic Safety Unit works with city, county and state traffic engineers to perform sight distance surveys, traffic counts and compile data about traffic related issues to assist with roadway design and modification. The Police Department works with these traffic engineers enhance traffic flow and safety on the roadways. 

Education: Members of the Police Department attempt to educate the public through the media, presentations, safety events, face to face encounters and enforcement efforts. The Police Department also places the RADAR speed trailer on roadways to educate motorists of their speed.

 Efforts consist of officer presence in high-incidence areas, traffic stops, sobriety checkpoints and photo enforcement (red light cameras). Enforcement does not necessarily mean issuing summons. Enforcement occurs when officers issue warnings, speak to motorists and when they are simply present in a marked patrol unit.

Emergency medical response: Response in Creve Coeur is enhanced by roadway design, Mobile InfraRed Transmitter (MIRT) technology and motorists yielding to emergency vehicles. The roads in Creve Coeur are designed with the proper width and shoulder area to help motorists pull to the right and yield to emergency vehicle traffic. Furthermore, traffic signals in Creve Coeur are equipped with MIRT technology. Fire apparatus are equipped with a device that changes the traffic signal to "green" as the apparatus approaches. Upon passing through the intersection, the traffic signal cycles normally.

Traffic Citations
The Department has issued more than 10,200 traffic citations in the past 12 months. While many have the notion that most citations issued by police are for speeding, less than 30% of the citations issued by Creve Coeur Police are for speeding violations. Officers target specific areas and violations based upon traffic volume, citizen complaints, traffic surveys and Missouri Division of Highway Safety enforcement initiatives.

Traffic Collisions
The Department responded to over 1,400 traffic collisions involving nearly 3,200 vehicles in the last 12 months. In those collisions over 350 people were injured and one person was killed. The primary cause of traffic collisions continues to be drivers inattention, followed by following too closely and failing to yield the right of way. While all officers investigate traffic collisions, the traffic safety officers are state certified accident re-constructionists and are among 40 regional officers called out to reconstruct fatal or serious traffic collisions in the St. Louis area.

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