Historic Sites


To preserve and protect the heritage of the community and make the past available to our present day citizens, the city owns and maintains four historic properties:

Historic Buildings Survey

A historical construction consultant, Tim Kilby with Country Gentleman Historic Restorations, recently performed an assessment of the condition of three historic buildings located in city parks: the Clester and Hackmann Cabins located in Conway Park, and Lake School House located in Lake School Park.

The consultant surveyed the viability of each building, determining what repairs are necessary to the exterior of each building in order to continue preservation efforts and protect the interior from water damage and pests. Based on the assessment, repair of all three buildings is projected to cost $100,000-$200,000, plus any contingency costs.

The Clester and Hackmann Cabins are in fair condition, but both will need new roofs and several logs replaced in places where the wood is weathered and rotting. Updates are also necessary to make the cabins watertight, such as flashing the chimney and making epoxy repairs to Clester Cabin, and flashing the foundation and re-siding part of Hackmann Cabin.

The Lake School House is overall in good condition, but the front deck is level with the ground, which is allowing water to flow toward and under the building, causing water damage. The front deck, as well as the slope in front of the building, will need to be re-graded to redirect water flow around the building.

The City Council has reviewed the assessment and is now seeking input from residents on whether or not city funds should be invested to repair the historic buildings. The repaired buildings could be used to host public events or educational programs. Residents are encouraged to review the assessment and submit their feedback by taking a short survey online, available online through August 30.

Clester Cabin (Conway Park)

Clester Cabin

Hackmann Cabin (Conway Park)

Hackmann Cabin

Lake School House (Lake School Park)

Lake School House