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1. What is the situation?
2. When will the project begin?
3. When is the project scheduled to end?
4. Where exactly will the road be closed?
5. What area of Route AB (Ladue Road) is affected by the project?
6. Was shutting down one lane at a time considered?
7. What are the best alternative roadways to using Route AB?
8. Can I still walk across the sidewalk or ride my bicycle through the construction site?
9. Where can I find detour routes?
10. Are there “cut thru” limitations on residential streets?
11. How are the Fire and Police Departments planning for the closure?
12. Who is responsible for the planning and project operations?
13. Who do I contact at MoDOT if I have additional questions for MoDOT?
14. Who do I contact at the city of Creve Coeur if I have questions for the city?